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The Firm

The Firm’s permanent staff includes chartered accountants, specialised legal auditors, court-appointed administrators, and various other staff members. 

More than twenty-five years’ experience, a dynamic, young environment to assist Italian and international clients in the best possible way.

We provide corporate, administrative, accounting and tax consulting, compliance and forensic accounting services, for both civil and tax and criminal law.

Ours is a vast field of action that meets the demands of an ever-changing global market: we offer businesses ”solutions” to meet their short, medium and long-term needs, covering a wide range of issues..

The Firm’s permanent staff includes chartered accountants, specialised legal auditors, court-appointed administrators, and various other staff members..  Our two offices, in Rome and Milan, provide assistance to both Italian and international clients. 

The firm is a member of TIAG – The International Accounting Group – which has evolved over time with our legal colleagues who work with TAG Alliance – a prestigious international network with over 290 professional firms worldwide (in more than 110 countries), which employs 20,000 certified and accredited professionals in their countries of origin.

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Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.

Henri-Louis Bergson


Over the years, we have set ourselves the goal of providing our clients with an increasingly tailor-made consulting service, while setting ourselves apart from our competitors by adopting a scientific and organisational approach, in various business sectors such as extraordinary transactions and corporate restructuring, but above all in the various types of advisory support for criminal economic law, as auxiliaries to the Judge and the Parties, both in technical consulting and in the judicial administration of seized assets.​


We have created a structure able to guarantee unprecedented services at an ever-higher and scientifically more appreciable level, giving a new and highly “applicational” value to the field of economics and business science. We provide advice with a tangible quality because it is not standardised, to offer a product that is firmly appreciated but in accordance with constantly innovative criteria.


We always bear in mind that “it is more important to do the right thing (be efficacious) than to do things right (be effective)”. And every day we remember to teach our staff as much as possible, because transferring knowledge is an inestimable value.​

Our history


The origins of Mottura e Associati date back to 1993, when Giovanni Mottura started his freelance career, forming partnerships with other professionals and eventually opening the Firm.

In 2004, the Firm regularly uses the services of 12 professionals, chartered accountants and lawyers.


In early 2014, Studio Mottura entered into a professional partnership with a firm run by Prof. Alberto Tron to establish “Studio Mottura Tron – Associated Chartered Accountants”. This has offices in Rome and Milan and regularly uses the services of more than 20 professionals.


Starting in 2022, following the amicable separation from Alberto Tron, the Firm undergoes another natural “formal” evolution in order to adapt better to the actual work set-up, by establishing “Studio Mottura e Associati”.

Case History

Criminal proceedings in corporate, financial and tax matters

We make contribute actively, with excellent results, in the case of criminal proceedings in the corporate sector, having dealt with more than 500 cases of technical consultations for both the Public Prosecution and the Parties, and expert opinions ordered by the Judge in a great many Italian Courts. For example, we defended the board of auditors of a corporate group that was accused - in conspiracy with the directors - of failing to prevent malicious transactions (intra-group relations) that, according to the prosecution’s reconstruction, had resulted in bankruptcy. Our correct reinterpretation of the corporate facts and their representation in the abbreviated criminal trial led to a full acquittal.​ We have also gained particular expertise in the field of technical advice on seizures in the context of preventive measures and extended confiscation, helping to define the algorithm for the disproportion between financial-income capacity and asset accumulation.

Criminal liability of Entities

Within the framework of legislation concerning the criminal liability of Entities (Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001), we have developed - over the twenty years since it came into force - experience in all the various roles involved: from assistance drafting Management and Control Systems, to the assumption of the role of Supervisory Body, through to assessor of Organisation, Management and Control Systems as Technical Experts within the context of inquiries ordered by the Public Prosecutor, or as Experts in the case of investigations ordered by a Judge.

Management of companies under receivership following seizure

Since 2014, we have handled more than 80 companies under seizure, in the most diverse sectors. In one particular case involving the seizure of a corporate “group”, which has now evolved into definitive confiscation - in the logistics and cleaning/facilitation sector - the result achieved to date represents, in terms of economic results and numbers of employees, one of the most successful and effective cases of a confiscated company. And the assignments continue, also in terms of associates, thanks to the trust granted us by the Magistracy and by the ANBSC (Italian National Agency for Seized and Confiscated Goods).

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