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The Firm satisfies its clients’ needs promptly and responsibly, by offering businesses support to meet both their immediate and their medium- to long-term requirements, in domestic and international markets, thanks its membership of a vast professional network (TIAG). Whatever the economic and management issue on the table, through our highly-qualified staff used to working in synergy with other professionals in various sectors (engineering, IT, law, etc.), we are able to deal with business matters in an increasingly complex, global and risk-prone market.

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For over 25 years, the Firm has been collecting, processing and evaluating the administrative and accounting facts (forensic accounting) of business life, and the people who live it, in order to provide technical assistance in the context of criminal proceedings. Over the years, we have earned the trust of the Magistracy and leading legal firms that work in Italy’s most important Courts: we are experts in preparing technical advice for the Public Prosecution and Defence, and for expert opinions ordered by the Magistracy regarding corporate offences, insolvency, finance (including money laundering and usury), tax, financial statements and criminal liability under Italian Legislative Decree no. 231 - even in complex forms, such as organised economic crime investigations - as well as on the conditions for the seizure of assets.

We have also developed in-depth experience in analysing contentious issues in civil, corporate (such as in the determination of damages from managerial liability), financial and banking (in the verification of contractual agreements, anatocistic interest and vexatious costs) and personal matters (inheritance and spousal separation issues). In these settings, we act both as court-appointed technical advisors (by appointment of the Judicial Authorities) and as technical advisors to the Parties (companies or individuals).

Since the early 1990s, we have also dealt with the administration of seized assets, especially companies and businesses that are confiscated from criminal organisations in criminal and prevention proceedings, across Italy. Although the legislation in this field has evolved considerably, it still leaves ample space for assessments and practices resulting from in-the-field experience. The Firm has accrued significant expertise in this sector, and we are able to express ourselves in the very best way when we have to manage property (including corporate assets) in the delicate seizure and subsequent confiscation phases. Since the introduction of the legislation in 2017, we have acted - in different proceedings and types of business - also as expert professionals for the attestation of business continuity programmes for companies under seizure, pursuant to Article 41(1)(c) of Italian Legislative Decree 159/11 (known as the Antimafia Code).

Italian Legislative Decree 231/01 revolutionised a cornerstone of the legal system by establishing the criminal liability of businesses/entities in the case of offences committed by their senior management and/or employees. Over the years, our Firm has had the opportunity to provide advice in all areas regarding the application of the legislation, from procedural advice for the drafting of the exempting organisation system through to tests to assess the system, including as advisors to the Judicial Authorities, i.e. taking on the role of the Supervisory Body.

The Firm provides an administration service, including on an outsourcing basis, to Italian and foreign companies requiring a customised professional approach suited to the reporting system adopted, a prompt and thorough service and real-time feedback on auditing. The specific services provided are:

  • structure of the administrative and accounting set-up;
  • accounting and bookkeeping;
  • assistance with periodic civil and tax obligations;
  • administrative advice (i.e. analysis of financial statements, index and flow analysis, procedural diagnostics, economic and financial control of production and commercial activities);
  • management of internal auditing and compliance;
  • reporting, including in foreign languages and conversion of Italian reports (in accordance with IAS/IFRS and USGAAP standards);
  • preparation of economic and financial reports, budgets and business plans.

The Firm has accrued considerable experience in providing advice to national and foreign companies, particularly on corporate governance matters. Our main areas of operation are:

  • corporate structure;
  • corporate administration;
  • establishment of companies, subsidiaries and branch offices;
  • group reorganisation and business acquisition transactions;
  • assistance for and representation of partners and shareholders;
  • Board of Directors advice;
  • preparation of company and trade agreements (i.e. shareholders’, joint venture, agency, distribution, franchising, licensing and infra-group agreements);
  • liquidation of companies;
  • corporate assessments.

The Firm also provides its Italian and foreign clients with advice for the identification and analysis of investment opportunities in Italy. More specifically, the Firm is able to identify the best investment opportunities, research and assess customers and partners, carry out corporate, legal and accounting due diligence and assist entities interested in investing in Italy, with regard to all the contractual, corporate and fiscal aspects.

The Firm has developed skills and experience in auditing the financial statements of companies, and public and non-profit entities, in compliance with national and international accounting standards. The firm is also able to carry out any type of fiscal, financial and legal due diligence. 

The Founding Partners and the Associates hold the role of auditor in premium private and public companies.

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