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Giovanni Mottura

Chartered accountant

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We grow together every day, never doing today what we did yesterday, but always doing it better.

Main areas of interest

Forensic accounting
Business and administrative and accounting consulting
Temporary management and liquidation of companies


Giovanni Mottura begins his career as a second lieutenant in the Services Division of the Italian Air Force, specialising in handling special aviation orders.


He works at Price Waterhouse SAS (Rome office), a leading audit and financial statement certification company with assignments working for Italian and international clients.


He embarks on his freelance career in April 1993, forming partnerships with other professionals, and in 2004 he opens his own firm.


Over the years, the Firm has availed itself of many collaborators, and for a time it forged a close professional relationship with the firm headed by Prof. Alberto Tron, resulting in the firm Studio Mottura-Tron - Associated Chartered Accountants.

Following the separation from Tron, in 2022 the Firm completes another natural “formal” evolution to adapt better to the work context, resulting in the birth of the firm Studio Mottura e Associati.

Giovanni Mottura is Chair of SINAGECO (Italian Judicial Administrators’ and Coadjutors’ Trade Union) and Honorary Chair of INAG (Italian Institute of Judicial Administrators).

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Our flexibility and presence have made us nationally-renown in our sectors of specialisation, in various areas of Italy.

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