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For 30 years, we have been providing corporate and accounting consulting, company auditing and technical support services to companies and individuals in civil and criminal litigation, as well as providing assistance to judicial and administrative authorities operating in the economy and finance sector.

Ours is a vast field of action that meets the demands of an ever-changing global market: we offer support and solutions to businesses, and to those responsible for their smooth operation, for both immediate and medium to long-term needs, covering a wide range of issues.


We like to learn more, day after day. And so we study a great deal. Not because “you’re never done with exams”, but above all because each challenge, each problem to be solved, becomes an opportunity for professional growth.​


We optimise, we get better results sooner, because we make our clients the centre of our world and any support we provide is customised, and fully-comprehensive.


The best solutions come to the rescue of the most complex problems. However, they would be impossible to solve if we did not know how to give value to the skill sets and specific aptitudes of each member of our staff.​


All Roads Lead to Rome

Dal 18 al 20 ottobre 2023 lo studio Mottura e Associati partecipa come “Principal Sponsor” alla Conferenza Internazionale TAG Alliances Fall 2023 a Roma.

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The future is built one day at a time

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True skill lies in using all known and available means; art, ingenuity consists in working despite difficulties and in finding little or nothing impossible.

Napoleon Bonaparte​

The firm and its history

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Steady work overcomes all things.


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